Philip Ames
About PHILIP AMES               Healing Anxiety and Panic
I started as a client myself and I know that Therapy can be an immense opportunity. This work is not about pain, it’s about liberating the incredible creativity we’re all gifted with and having it shine brilliantly. I know that there are ways to heal and grow the life you desire to have and I’ll believe in you until you can believe in yourself.

My training began in 1973. My degree is from York University. I’ve been involved in this work ever since, opening my own practice in 1990 as well as serving in several counselling positions, including creating and directing a trauma therapy department and supervising therapists in 3 cities. I'm currently the President of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association-Ontario.

My office is located in the Beaches area of Toronto, Canada. Parking and easy access by public transit is available. I also work via Skype for those unable to come to my office.

My Understanding of Therapy
I believe relationship heals
It’s a connection with another and the forming of a team to do the work together that makes the difference. In my own healing it was the sense that the therapists I worked with cared deeply about working with me and I knew it. The worst experience you can have is trying to face the things you’re most afraid of and feeling utterly alone when you do. I knew that while I was going inside to face scary places within me, I always had company.

I think the most important experience I had when I first came for help was the feeling that at long last someone really wanted to hear my story and my experience and that they understood what it was like to be me. In our free initial consultation and in every session we have when we work together, I’ll help you develop the feeling that this is a safe space, one where you can share about anything you want to and be heard in a way that works for you. I do that by using a number of tools that together we will shape to fit your individual situation.

Areas of Work
I work with adults of all ages and backgrounds. I specialize in treatment for Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I also work via phone and online on Skype.

Some of tools I use are dream-work, body psychotherapy (Alexander work), relaxation training, breath-work and interactive client focused talk therapy. I endeavor to work with a Self-Healing model that passes the tools on to you so you can use them yourself.
Having been through the work myself I know it can change your life. I encourage you to have your free consultation. A personal connection is the quickest way to learn how I can help you.
I am conducting an ongoing series of workshops designed to help people understand how to get help with their issues. To find out more just e-mail or call me for information or check the 'Events' page.

Looking for a Therapist
Among the things you may want to consider when looking for a therapist:

(a) Has this therapist successfully managed issues like my own? Will what they say about themselves make them likely to understand me? Will they disclose enough about themselves to help me answer these two questions? Can they remain sufficiently impartial to see me as myself without judgment?

(b) Is the emotional chemistry good? Do I feel I can talk to them and be heard?

I look forward to meeting you.
Remember, Anxiety and Panic can be healed.
Feel free to email me or to phone me for a free consultation. My office is near the Main St. subway station and the Danforth Go station at Main St. and Danforth Ave in Toronto. There is plenty of free parking.

Telephone: 416-200-4198 / 416-200-4198
In the Beaches, Toronto, Canada
We'll believe in you until you can believe in yourself