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A Drug-Free Four Step Program

I developed this program when I realized that almost all the people in my practice were coming to me about anxiety and panic attacks. I also knew that I was being successful helping people with the condition and that there seemed to be little other help to be found, especially without medication. Anyone who is dealing with an ongoing feeling of anxiety and stress, or has suffered from the overwhelming feeling of terror from a panic attack can benefit from it.

Receiving: The recovery process from anxiety, especially when it’s been a long term affliction, is a partnership between the health worker and you. The first step has to be helping you be at ease as much as possible. Generally this alone helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety you feel, even outside the office.

Reorienting: As quickly as that is in place, you can learn about your general course of recovery and the essential work in this team of two people. I’ll introduce the idea of the paradigm of ‘following your joy’ as a crucial part of it. This is important for at least two reasons, first many people tend to be living in a way that focuses on and perpetuates stress rather than on the joy of living and second because focusing and moving on your dreams and enjoyment of life helps you get through the times when the anxiety comes up.

Recovering: Once you understand the course of treatment, I’ll teach you several techniques such as breath-work, meditation and how to handle the anxiety when it tries to come up. This is customized with each person to match their experience of anxiety and directly manage it. This is the part of the process that is aimed at controlling and reversing the process that led to anxiety in the first place. When this is accomplished and you’re feeling stronger and in charge of your process we move to preventative measures.

Removing: Once you feel you’re stronger and feel motivated by your success, we generally find it helpful to address what led to a condition of anxiety in the first place and do what changes are necessary to see that it doesn’t recur.