Wayfinders is unique. It's been growing organically from one person's practice to a group with a growing commitment to not only their own personal growth but to each other's as well. To not only about healing old pains but releasing dreams and actively enjoying helping each other achieve them. For those who want it there is as powerful a commitment to your achieving your dreams as you're willing to have and an invitation to give the same to other people.

In practical terms that means you're welcome to come and get assistance at any level of connection that works for you, from strictly individual help to getting and giving it with others. We've grown to combine therapy with coaching, individual help with a team and above all with a caring that can show you how to grow a 'family of choice' to permanently end the isolation so many of us have had to live in.

From there you can go on to build on what you've learned, to craft with the tools you've learned and to have a life with the connections you want to build, your way.

Consultations are free, you're welcome to contact Philip Ames for information and to come and talk with him to get questions answered. For those who cannot come in person, he can be available by Skype or phone.

Philip's office is located in the Beaches area of Toronto and is easily accessible by public transit. Parking is plentiful. Simply contact him for transit and parking information.

info@philipames.com / 416-200-4198

Consultations are free and confidential.

We welcome you to explore how we might help you on your journey.

We'll believe in you until you can believe in yourself